Our mission

Company identification -> Due Diligence -> Club Deal -> Investment (with our participation) -> Management of the subsidiary -> Exit
The purpose of Add Value Srl is to increase the value of its assets in the medium/long term mainly through the acquisition, holding and disposal of shares, quotas, equity instruments (generally securities representing risk capital) and convertible bonds of the target companies

Investment operations may cover the following types:


  • the context of Italian Small/Medium Enterprises is rich of excellencies characterized by valid development and/or diversification projects;
  • the team can boast a direct deal flow, which allows to avoid as much as possible competitive buying contexts, thus ensuring an optimal evaluation of the target companies.
    • Full Due Diligence:
    • 1) financial & accounting
      2) commercial
      3) tax/fiscal
      4) legal & work
      5) IP
      6) risk
      7) Anti Money Laundry and Compliance



by acting on the investee company as a catalyst for change, through:
  • "hands-on" involvement: support to industrial reorganization and/or project reorganization, assistance to the organic and external growth of the company;
  • Reinforcement, where required, of the managerial structure with the inclusion of managers with consolidated experience (development capital, special situations).


  • choosing the best combination between possible way-out and time moment, also counting on an international network;
  • motivating the management.

Add Value Srl manages with particular attention the entire Exit process and considers disinvestment the culminating moment of the investment path. From the earliest stages of scouting and target evaluation, it applies an EXIT DRIVEN INVESTMENT STRATEGY, prefiguring, at the origin and in the structuring of the operation, several alternatives capable of adapting to potential situations with a perspective of maximizing value. Even in the case of minority shareholdings, thanks to the governance and contractual structures set up, Add Value Srl is able to successfully manage the exit process.

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Registred office in Via della Chiusa, 11,
operational headquarters in Via Saffi, 12,
20123 Milan, Registered at the Company Register of Milan - REA MI-2023869, Tax Code and VAT number 08406060965 and Share Capital € 10.000,00 i.v.