Pledge fund

  • Our Add Value Investors Club invests deal by deal in small-cap Private Equity, growth-stage Venture Capital and Real Estate opportunities, not only in Italy, expanding with a business model suitable for international scalability and aggregations. The Club Deal covers 50% of the investment and investors vary from case to case, depending on their expertise and interest, with tickets starting from €50K
  • Our Pledge Fund covers the remaining 50% of each single investment. The list of investors (members) is limited and they have the priority in case of their interest to increase their share even up to 100% of the deal.
  • The choice of investment opportunities is made by Add Value, as well as the complete Due Diligence (financial & accounting, commercial, tax/fiscal, legal & work, IP, risk and Anti Money Laundry & compliance).
  • Add value manages the entire process: the search for investment targets, due diligence, club deal, investment (including our participation), creation of the investment vehicle, medium-term management of growth and internationalization of companies, and ultimately the exit.
  • Investment operations may fall within the management/owner buy-out and management/owner buy-in operations; development capital operations in companies with significant growth potential; purchases of minority stakes in listed and unlisted companies.
  • Pledge Fund Star Tech is structured as a standard PE fund, under Italian laws and regulations in force and is ESG compliant, with tickets starting from €500K and up to €5M.
  • Each investor pre-authorizes a certain amount for the recall, for example €5M (as a standard PE fund).
  • Management fee 0.50% (not 2-2.5% of a standard PE fund)
  • Deal by deal, the investor in the pledge fund decides whether or not to enter into the proposed deal. In the event that it does not fit into his investment guidance and expectations he/she has the right to refuse, thus adding an additional level of prudence and security. It is clear from these aspects that there is no mandatory capital recall (as in the case of standard PE funds). The investment is made through the SPV created ad hoc where the administration of the investee company is conferred to the members who have contributed capital if they wish.
  • In case an investor does not participate in a deal, nothing happens, there are no penalties, since a separate SPV is created for each investment event.
  • Where you agree to invest, exclusively for the selected deal, you pay 2% management fee (not on commited amount as in a standard PE fund).
  • Exit usually between 2 and 4 years, with the target multiple of 3x cash on cash (not after 10+1+1 as in a standard PE fund), choosing the best combination between possible way-out and the moment in time, also counting on our international network. Add Value manages with particular attention the entire Exit process and considers the disinvestment as the culminating moment of the investment path. From the early stages of scouting  and target evaluation, it applies an EXIT DRIVEN INVESTMENT STRATEGY, prefigured at early beginning during the structuring of the operation, several alternatives able to adapt to potential situations with a perspective of value maximization. Even in the case of minority shareholdings, thanks to the governance, terms & conditions and contractual structures set up, Add Value is able to successfully manage the exit process.

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